måndag 14 november 2011

Day 14 - I am NOT gonna give up.

I'm still waiting om my new desk. Hope I get it soon.

As you all might know I'm in this awesome project called NaNoWriMo -National November Writing month. It´s my first year. It great and all and the best thing it gives you the push and all to write everyday. But i am so amazed by all the people who really has written the exact word or more EVERY day. I wonder: HOW do they do it? WHEN do they have time? I work 9-17:00 besides everything else i have to do my favorite thing WRITING. That means i have writing time between 18:00 - 23.00 (or at maximum 00-01)

But I'm not anyway near the words that you gonna make. I read somewhere that you was going to write 15 000 words (is that three pages per day) or is it more?? Then I seriously need I whole day or weekend just to write. The it took me some time to figure out how to update the word counter. I just mark every word with bold text then count how many words it is but to day it totally sucked 599 words :( Promise I´ll do better tomorrow.

The GOOD thing is I'm on chapter 2 + writing in English. WHY? you ask...Because it´s fun and i get in to my characters more even though my grammar sucks even in Swedish it does. But I love writing anyway. So this is a fun challenge.
And as always I have work in the morning. And time is now 00:13. I say good night and wish me better Luck tomorrow :) 

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