onsdag 7 december 2011

Dreams of hope

So being an aspiring writer/ author/novelist whatever you want to call it may be a hard work. Some people or alot of them have told me that it´s hard to REALLY become a real one. But i mean if you just have a goal just reach for it! For me it  might be a bit difficult. I would really have at least one of my novels published here in Sweden. The thing is, the category im writing really doesn´t exist here. Im talking about the Romance Novels of all kinds. Cause the one that you can buy in stores are translated from American, English, Australian romance writers likeNora Roberts, Barbara Hannay, Annette Broadrick and so on.

Why have I NEVER heard of a SWEDISH romance novelist? Hopefully that could be me one day! :)

I know i just may a "newbie" at this romance novelist thing, but i have a such passion for it! I know my grammar isn´t the best either in English or Swedish but there are other peoples that could help me with that right? I´d love to find a serious publisher one day that could help me with all this.

I know that journey is gaing to be long and filled with hard work - but someday i´ll be Erica Hanny - Romance Novelist bestseller! So if my author thing doesn´t work out here hopfully I can move to USA and live my dream?! 

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