torsdag 1 december 2011

We are all winners!

Noone could have said it better than Nanowrimos founder Chris Baty! His words make me smile and feel proud of what i have acomplished this past month even if I did not even got half way. This was as i have said my first year of writing and it was so much fun. Now I seriously considering buying his book "No plot? No problem!"
Wherever you are in your story, all of us here in the office are so proud of you for giving NaNoWriMo a shot in such a busy month. There is undeniable glory in reaching 50K, but there is greater glory in simply trying. In the midst of your hectic life, you made time to invent, explore, and dream. You tuned out those self-critical voices that make creative endeavors so daunting, and you brought an entire world into existence in just four weeks.

There's really no failure possible here. Because you've already won. 

I finnished at 30 pages & 13181 words in english! Thats wonderful for me.

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