måndag 9 januari 2012

Page 44!

Soo tired right now!
I have been writing for a long time now (18:00-00:32) to be exact. I still write on MBL. I have my other work and i hope I really gets some couple off good hours of sleep. But if you are a writer and inspiration hits you and everything just goes smooth it´s really difficult to just to stop! Like today was amazing my character compleatly took over twice and I was surpiced! I didn´t know that twist of turn would ever come? It was like they had own lifes. So I have learned about the romantic wooing ever on a work day, really good history stuff of swedish heritage and somehow it all ended up with a fight. Who would have known that! I mean I am god over my characters but sometimes the really speak for themselves.

If I finnish this and it over 100 pages im happy! This will then be the first novel I have ever writen in english. Thats a challange but great, somehow i think english is better to express the lines and everything. The most difficult are the describing of setting and so on but it´s okay I have to rewrite it then i can make it better.

I also think the genre im writing for really don´t fit in here in Sweden. I doubt there are publisher here that care much for romance novels. If you know of some please tell me. Maybe my odds are better to find someone who know the genre in another country, like Australia, England, Ireland or USA. Then it´s good if I coutinue to write in english, the down side. I want my friends and all to be able to read it. So I don´t know what´s the best....

19629 / 50000 words. 39% done!
Mannen bakom lögnerna/ Truth about Jonah

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