tisdag 10 april 2012

Lifestyle of the rich

Hi, this fine evening im busy with some research about the rich people. You know the glamour, money well spent, champange and all that privilegium but also about the people opposite from them, they ones who have to struggle to get trough life.

It´s for my Young Adult novel called Se dig le /Wanna make you smile.

It´s just a work in slow progress. It´s like a romeo/ julia story, forbidden love, cultures, rich people and the one´s from the wrong side of town.

So i researching about, lifguarding, country /privat clubs, community service + 1, my characters lifestyles and who they are. You can say getting to know them. And also about Physical therapy rehabilatation and people in a wheelchair+ 1.

After a hit and run my character get´s community service. (he may be little of a bad boy but he has a good heart) and ends up working at the towns luxurious country club as a life guard. He there saves a girl from drowning. Love at first sight comes between them and her snobbis parents. even thou they are eachothers opposites, she´s the rich spiled girl, without dreams, He´s the boy from the wrong side of town dreaming of doing someting meaningfull.  They have one thing in common, it´s the thing that linked them together six months earlier.

 "It's the second best thing you can do with your lips"

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