tisdag 24 april 2012

Music is what feelings sound like

As some of you know music, especially country, for me is a very importent tool and never ending inspiration for me. It has become more common, i think for authors too, to make soundtracks for their novels. As you know I have a special section here on my blog called soundtracks. There you can find I all music that inspired me during writing my novel. I promise you the list will be added more as I keep writing my novels. I also added at what point or emotional scen from were they are played. Because when i write I see all my characters, scens and everything infront of me like a movie.

It´s also my way to escape to my own world. I usual have headphones so I can turn it up and be "in the zone". I get to know my characters emotions and feelings. I also get into the right mood of what Im trying to describe at that moment. Besides country music, I also been inspired by Richard Marx, Bryan Adams, Nickleback aswell as Fort Minor and One Ok Rock among others. The music also varies if I write books for young people or romance novels.

I found an exellent web page from author Paula Roe who talks about this Story Soundtracks that article was very helpful for me aswell as inspiring.

What´s your Soundtrack?

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