måndag 14 maj 2012

Inspiration Overload!

Just like a novel, it starts with just that little seed of corn and then it grows bigger and bigger and turns in to something beautiful. Wether its a flower, tree or a your book!

Hi, Don´t you just with sometimes you could freeze time or have a some more hours!

Right now I do. As I went through my notes and tried to organize up them a bit I found a couple of "projects" I just scribbled down. Then I got more visions of the novels and then more inspiration and wanted to do research and keep start writing it NOW!

But , it´s late and i need to go to bed. But I don´t want to. My fingers itching to dance over the keyboard and it seems as insipiration, faces, characters, lines and plots and everything flashes before my eyes and in my head. Just beging and waiting to be put on a paper.

The good thing here are. I can all start working on it tomorrow for some hours, and I got the whole night at to contuinue working on it as on Thursday is like a Sunday...Me like...I hope my inspiration will still be there then.

¤ Organize my maps and notes on my USB
¤ Finish/Print out booklist over all books/novels/projects + finish the about the book text on my Top Stories.
¤ Interwievs...+ even a fun thing I picked up from some author. Make interwievs with some of my characters.  
¤ Try to write as much as I possible can on all my novels and projects even if I work a little on that on and then som on another and make research on the next.
¤ Think I have like 20 different projects/novels/books at the moment some developed more than others.

Wish me Luck!
*pic not mine found on google and here

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