onsdag 11 juli 2012

And the thunder rolls...

...to quote Garth Brooks.
There were a heavy rain and thunder storm coming over were I lived. Thor must really had som fun swinging his hammer ;)

During that time i didn´t want to have my computer nor music on. I really didn´t want it to be destroyed if lightning would strike.

But I had it reaaly peacefull anyway. I open my balcony door ans listened to the show. Then I wrote/ scribble down two new scence for two different novels. I swear it´s so crazy. When i writing I don´t hesitate. All the sencents and the scens I written comes to paper in english. It´s like someone else grabs hold of my pen and all words and things just shows before me like a movie, and I think I wrote like two or three pages in a faster than speed moment. It was really joyfull and Im happy to write again. But I want to write so fast that only time will stop me.

I  try to write every singel day. But when I do I cant stop. It like an addiction I don´t have time for anything else. No food, no phones, no nothing. But I have to do other important things I know.

I have so many things I want to write and research about but time is not enough. At friday night I gonna have some me writing time and gonna get deep... hihi can´t wait. Just to get into my little world and let my characters show me the way.

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