måndag 9 juli 2012

Writing x 3 WIP

Hey Y´all
pic found google.I think. all credit goes to the owner.

Finally my inspiration kicks in a bit! Im loving it!

So just like that. I got ideas and been doing research for not only one but three of my WIP novels. 

I have been doing research on my romance novel HE`S THE REASON I DRINK. It´s all about baby beauty pagent´s and my heroines child hood and her relationship with her mother and all. Found som intresting documentarys about child pagent´s and all. Well all thos childrens sure like cute little dolls and all but what about just "children being children for awhile" and what happens as they growing up and so on. I let my imagination run free....I have also collected some pics for my inspiration to my characters.

Then I have been trying to get a good NEW start on my darling VWIP work in progress KIRBY/MAC- HARD TO SAY I LOVE YOU. now maybe i have a somewhat greater start.

I need to read alot, write alot. thinking, dreaming and plan on all of these project.

How do you plan your novels? one at a time start writing to begining to end or do you write all at once depending on inspiration and current mood?

I gonna try to write on all three for the moment.

Wish me luck! I could really need that.  

Soon I will be posting an little interwiew with me and more about my novels. Coming sooon!


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