måndag 27 augusti 2012

Finished Novels

I currently have 2 novels finnished it´s only first draft but anyways...


“When the past catches up, it’s then you realize that you can´t fight it anymore”

Dylan Cartwright´s best friend and travel partner died during a rodeo almost two years ago. The memories still haunted him no matter how he tried to escape.

The people of Bryant where looking forward to the annual Native & Western Country Fair held in the middle of July. Dylan wasn’t crazy about the attention he got or the reason to celebrate their rodeo hero Scotty “The saint” Carson.

As a Journalist Erica Jefferson would write an article about the festival. In Bryant she got an offer to persuade the stubborn cowboy to make the speech of honour. But to get Dylan to talk about the rodeo life or reveal anything about him wasn’t easy it was almost impossible.


Madison McBride’s biggest dream was to become a romance novelist. She makes a journey to the small town of Marylane, to start over her city life and find inspiration.


In six month Gideon McCabe had lost his beloved father and the woman who he thought would be his bride left him. After all of the tragedies he only had one ray of sunshine in his life, little Cora. She often visits and stays at his place to escape her abusive father.

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