måndag 6 augusti 2012

Inspiration x 2 -caravan camping & the clothing line

Just when you least expect Inspiration hit me.

Like this morning, I had a dream and that was still lingering in my head as a woke. Up I was going to write down the word I heard but, I was soo tired That I never did that. But I woke up later and it was still there.

"New story #1" The settting is a camping place. I know many people here is Sweden often go camping this time of year during the time of their vacations. So I thought of why not make it into a novel or something. I remeber I have a comercial picture from a magazing I found years ago and always wanted to write about something like that.

So the word was something like "Black Lake camping" or something close to that name,but in Swedish. It´s gonna be something about some persons camping there. Some teens, a guy in a band that plays at the dance place and summer romance, drama and like Swedish traditions like Midsummer and  camping life & such. I only in the planning stadium yet.

Then at my work Inspiration came again.
"New story #2" So my heroine is working as a cashier at some store. A man walks in and buys a clothing line. just that. And she just think it´s wierd. She instantly put´s two and two together and thinks he´s gonna kill himself so she runs after him begging not to do something drastic. She promise him anything just aslong as he won´t do anything stupid. And here is like the convesation I got i my head.

Brenlynn ran after him with every intention to stop him from walking into his car.
- It don´t have to end this way.
The man stoped, turned around and looking at the woman infront of him. She looked deeply worried for some reason.
- What are you talking about? He asked looking are her somewhat comfused.
She kept saying what was on her mind without thinking twice.
- I do anything to change your mind. Almost anything.
Okay. crazy woman, Tanner Bradshaw thought for himself as he let her continue.
- You have so much to life for, you are attractive, obviosly succeful and with family and friends who loves you. Please stop, i wanat to save you?
He didn´t understand what she meant. But somehow she keept looking on what he held in his hand. He just played along. 
- From what? 
- Taking your own life.
He looked at her worried eyes, the clothing line and  thought she might have watching one detective drama too much. And had a very vivid fantasy.
-   Oh...Yeah. so what do you have in mind from saving me.
- U tell me.
- How about a date? And see were it leads.
- Okay. Tell me when and were.
Then they set the meeting and all. The before he walked away he said.
- Great see ya at seven saturday night. Now will you exuse me I need to go home and hang up my clothes before they the all ruined. As u see it a perfect weather to hang close outside.
She just stared at the cloudless sky, felt the sun warming her skin and just stood there like an idiot. And she really felt like one too and she had promised him a dinner and a date this weekend.

Yeah something like that. So the 1th meeting is just like a BIG missunderstanding but, as times get by they get to know eachother and things leads to something moore. Something like that is my scnd "New story" as a call my projects.  

Well that´s that.
Bye for now.

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