söndag 26 augusti 2012

My working place


Im trying to write, doing research and reading forums on Nanowrimo.
Im looking forward to November. Why you might ask? It´s National November Writing Month. I have chosen one of my novels that im going to put my heart and soul writing that month. I have been going trough my notes and things so im well prepared.
Last year was my first time entering it. I had so much fun. I got addicted to the wordcounting thing. And the best part was all the writing I did even thou only got halfway on the novel but im getting closer and closer to the end now.  
I can tell you this time it´s one of my Young Adult novels. As I have it so well planned I hope to write the whole 1th draft in that month.
I love reading blogs by other authors and aspiring writers. Some things I think are intresting are to watch how their working places looks. After all it´s where the magic happens.
I have my wonderful writing desk. But mostly I write in my sofa because it´s so comfy. Im now looking at buying new writing desk one you can change if you want to stand up or sit down.
My messy working place
My precious ticket from Lady Antebellum consert.
Their songs gives me endless inspiration

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