måndag 27 augusti 2012

Nightly Workings Under The Full Moon!

So I have made some updates you can see for yourself under MY BOOKS. I have sorted my novels in genre.

I have been doing some research for aYA novel with vampire elements. Or is it something else?.  Vampires are so popular right now, I by they way are on Team Damon.

 I have searching the web for characters that I can use are rolemodels and inspiration for that novel. It´s all done! Now I just have some planning and bios to write+more research.

Beautiful actress Tammin Sursok (Hannah Montana, Spectaular!) is the inspiration/role model of my heroines in maybe  3 of my upcoming, WIP novels
THE VAMP EFFECT(working title) and a novel called THE DEAL(working title) maybe I mix it in with another novel.

One sad part is Im working on HARD TO SAY I LOVE YOU. Don´t you just hate when you have the perfect scen for your novel and when you going to write it. You can´t remeber it or see it in front of you. That has happen to me. But i´ll figured it out or else I have to improvise :)

*pics not mine found on photobucket & google

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