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Young Adult

It´s good to write different genres. Here´s my tryings to write for teens.  

Surfing Cowboys

6 young people's lives are woven together as siblings Williams moves from sunny California to the Wrangler, a small town in Texas. Everyone has their own dreams, concerns and prejudices or problems.

Taylan Williams lives for his surfing, his dream are all shattered when he had to leave everything behind. What he did he have common with a bunch of cowboys?

Erina Williams is beautiful, well-liked and popular. But behind her sunny smile, there is anxiety and her need to always be liked. In Wrangler she tries to find herself and experience first love.

Gina Lee is a tomboy cowgirl who loves danger, adventure and never runs from a bet. She's going to get Taylan to stop being so prejudiced and show him a good time.

Ely is a cowboy in heart and soul. He would rather become a veterinarian than take over the family farm passed down for generations. His dad thinks otherwise.

Savannahs worst nightmare becomes true when she finds out she is pregnant, only 17 years old.

Chris hates Taylan from the very beginning. He loves to ride bulls and party as often as he can. He faces a difficult choice when his girlfriend reveals her secret.
Coraline - The Rebel Princess

Imagine a fairytale where all the adventures and strange characters come together, all this is happening in this magic novel.
It all begins when the little girl Wynn asks her grandfather when “princesses were allowed to decide for themselves”, then he starts to tell the story about Coraline - Princess Aurora and her adventures.
*Dark Thoughts

Matthews's life changed suddenly when his big brother dies in a car accident. His brother Danny had always been a favorite son in the family. He was the black sheep. He now feels invisible and the dark thoughts spinning ever faster in his head. Then he decides to do something about them.


Want to Make You Smile
"Love Can Create Miracles"

This summer was the first Casey Logan worked as lifeguard at The Diamond Resort, for rich people only. He was certainly not one of them but he did what he could to pay for his college studies, taking care of his mother and little sister Ash.
In just a few seconds he dives in the air down into the blue water and pulls up a girl in his own age. None of them knows that the meeting would be the beginning of a summer full of romance, tears and miracles.
Alicia Allende had planned to commit suicide there, nobody would have missed her. An accident three years ago changed dramatically and Alice and her parents' lives. She was paralyzed from the waist down. For her parents it mostly was their reputation and pride that was broken, when their otherwise very ambitious, happy daughter now was in a wheelchair and lacked the spark of life.
Despite threats from her family, Casey & Alicia spends every moment with each other that summer, not knowing that both have a common past.


White Tears

What if you met your guardian angel and a vampire witch on the same day?

That's what happens Zora Harmon an ordinary day.

As the daughter of the city's most respected minister, she went faithfully to church. But she has a secret she did not dare tell her father or anyone else for that matter either. At school she was a straight A student without any real friends. And now she started to be harassed by a guy that just started in the same school

One night she gets chased by someone and is almost hit by a car. She believes that she died and gone to heaven. When she wakes, she has been rescued by the mysterious Ayden, who says he is her guardian angel. Soon she learns to know Leah who not only loves to crush boy's hearts, she is also vampire witch.
The three fights evil together, but all is not easy when love arises between Heaven & Earth. Between good and evil


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