måndag 3 september 2012

5 more "possible" novels projects!

*Writer in Writing mode*
I have been making some blurbs/back covers for 5 novel/ projects that I for the moment are going to category under OTHER PROJECTS, because I haven´t started on them.  But they all are Romance Novels.
I have just written a little summary text, tried to find potential role models for my characters.
But it´s all in the "making" yet, so I have a long way before I can start on it. I have all these projects hopfully I can learn how to be flexible and cross writing, that would be cool. Writing different novels at the same time. Well, we´ll see about that!  
Anyways I have found a very potential actress for some of my characters. It´s cute actress Carey Mulligan. I have nver seen any of her movies but I know she played Kitty Bennet in the movie Pride & Prejudice.
So I have a lot of work ahead of me, planing, plotting, making character bios and such.
Carey Mulligan

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