onsdag 31 oktober 2012

Counting down minutes to Nanowrimo!

SO, this year Im going to try to write my Young Adult novel SURFING COWBOYS. I have done research for this novel for this past year and im looking forward seeing it coming to life.
 I made this collage of my characters long time a go, so I better can get to know them and also for inspiration. I always do this with my novels.

Pics not mine. It´s only for my imagination .Pics from google on various actor/actress,
Brittany Snow, Taylor Kitsch, Taylor Cole, Steve Byers,Lindsay Shaw,Scott Michael Foster.

My Nanowrimo contribution 2012
6 young people's lives are woven together as the siblingsWilliams moves from sunny California to Wrangler, a small town in Texas. Everyone has their own dreams, concerns and prejudices or problems.
Taylan Williams lives for his surfing, his dream are all shattered when he had to leave everything behind. What he did he have common with a bunch of cowboys?
Erina Williams is beautiful, well-liked and popular With her friends in school. But behind her sunny smile, there is anxiety and peer pressure of always need be liked. In Wrangler she tries to find herself and experience first love, and learn that being who you are is not so bad after all. 
Gina Lee is a tomboy who loves danger, adventure and never runs from a bet. She's going to get Taylan to stop being so prejudiced and show him a good time.
Ely is a cowboy in heart and soul. He would rather become a veterinarian than take over the family farm passed down for generations. His dad thinks otherwise.
Savannahs worst nightmare becomes true when she finds out she is pregnant, only 17 years old.
Chris hates Taylan from the very beginning. He loves to ride bulls and party as often as he can. He faces a difficult choice when his girlfriend reveals her secret. Will he make the right decision?

tisdag 30 oktober 2012

The day before the day before NANOWRIMO

Im so exited!
It´s just today, and tomorrow before it´s kickoff start of this years NaNoWriMo! Yey finally the best month of the year has arrived. I have been preparing well. I have been cleaning up my apartment, it´s almost spotless, bought coffee and everything else neccisary for this wonderful event world wide. I have prepared this years research for my novel.

This year Im going to write my Young Adult Novel "SURFING COWBOYS"..... I´ll keep you update on my work as november 1st comes along.

And not to forget, tomorrow is Halloween ,Oct 31....We don´t  celebrate it so much here in Sweden but some dress up in costumes, but not exactly tomorrow maybe for the weekend.

 Maybe I´ll do it when I get home from work tomorrow :) Can´t wear purple wig and matching clothes to work, hihi. But it would have been cool, but I don´t want to scare the costumers away.

So now Im going to do the last preparation for the upcoming days. like clean my computer, make it fresh, do the last of dishes and mop the floor. Sort my papers and just prepare for one amazing week of WRITING! INSPIRATION and FUN!

Here´s a little video for all you aspiring writers and NaNoWriMos... It´s says it all!

söndag 28 oktober 2012

Crime writer - Camilla Läckberg

Crime novels have never been my cup of tea. But I have come to like the author Camilla Läckberg.

She is the most famous crime writer in Sweden. I have admire her since I saw her dancing in the tv show "Let´s dance". I also saw her in the Swedish version of "Who do you think you are" when she searched for her roots. All of her novels takes place in the little town of Fjällbacka.

The reason I now bought two of her novels is because I  happend to watch one of the best food shows ever. The food show is called "Nyalandgång" and they were making food for the cast and actors of the movies based on Camillas novels. Most of the preparing for the foods took place at Valö boarding house located outside Fjällbacka. Thats when I leard that the Boarding house place a part and is on the cover of her book Änglamakerskan. I also bought Tyskungen  I thought both of the novels sounded intresting and im looking forward for the movies based on her novels very much.

torsdag 25 oktober 2012

I will be the next author of Swedish Romance! Remember that!

pic from google

In the latest issue of my favorite newspaper SKRIVA! It´s finally being talked about. ROMANCE it´s finally here!

Thats what im writing about! Thats my genere and now im feeling more confident that ever that what im doing is in the right time and place.

Sweden have got it´s 1st Romance writer, her name is Simona Arhnstedt. Okay so she´s first up. Im bowing to the queen.

But I bet I´ll be the second queen of Swedish Romance. But I am more inspired by American Authors and all my novels are set in the land of dreams and oportunites USA. I have been writing THAT since 2001...Im not planning to stop until my dream is fullfilled.

Im more cowboy chasing, line dancing, rodeo action, bullriding, small town lovin´, wide open spaces, and endless love, happy ending - kind of author. That´s ALWAYS listening to country music 24/7.

For me when I hear the word ROMANCE I think of NORA ROBERTS, Anne McAllister, Diane Palmer and all of them. They are my role models and inspiration.    

Im only on page 23 in the newspaper, but im so exited i can´t turn another page before I write this entry. One thing I don´t have understand is why we in Sweden say Romance and not use the swedish word romantik for that kind of novels? Well don´t get me wrong I love the english word much better!

Im wondering if  Swedish Romance have to be set in Sweden to even be counting as SR? Or is it god enough im Swedish aspiring author?  

tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Like a piece of a puzzel

That´s how am looking at my two WIP´S I call KIRBY/MAC --- MIKA/TRISTAN.
im planning writing a few of them scens in my writing pad. And just them scenes are important pieces in my puzzle to these romances novels.

Top of the mountain!

Yes! Im finally there. The middle. Im on the top and looking down.
This is thanks to a new strategy/ writing tips im trying. I found it on this site. It´s very helpful fro aspiring writers, I tell ya that. First Draft Secrets: Five Simple Steps. 

Im talking of my romance novel THE TRUTH ABOUT JONAH. I now need some more hours of working frequently and hopfullyI might be done with my first draft this month. I know it´s still along way until it´s clearly done but Im going to fill all the gaps and all the ? along the way.

According to my word document Im exactly at page 50. According to Nanowrimo word meter I have a little bit left.

22406 / 50000

Then comes the rereading, correcting, adding, rewriting and so on. But I wish luck is with me aswell as endless inspiration.   
 * pic not mine. Found on google