onsdag 31 oktober 2012

Counting down minutes to Nanowrimo!

SO, this year Im going to try to write my Young Adult novel SURFING COWBOYS. I have done research for this novel for this past year and im looking forward seeing it coming to life.
 I made this collage of my characters long time a go, so I better can get to know them and also for inspiration. I always do this with my novels.

Pics not mine. It´s only for my imagination .Pics from google on various actor/actress,
Brittany Snow, Taylor Kitsch, Taylor Cole, Steve Byers,Lindsay Shaw,Scott Michael Foster.

My Nanowrimo contribution 2012
6 young people's lives are woven together as the siblingsWilliams moves from sunny California to Wrangler, a small town in Texas. Everyone has their own dreams, concerns and prejudices or problems.
Taylan Williams lives for his surfing, his dream are all shattered when he had to leave everything behind. What he did he have common with a bunch of cowboys?
Erina Williams is beautiful, well-liked and popular With her friends in school. But behind her sunny smile, there is anxiety and peer pressure of always need be liked. In Wrangler she tries to find herself and experience first love, and learn that being who you are is not so bad after all. 
Gina Lee is a tomboy who loves danger, adventure and never runs from a bet. She's going to get Taylan to stop being so prejudiced and show him a good time.
Ely is a cowboy in heart and soul. He would rather become a veterinarian than take over the family farm passed down for generations. His dad thinks otherwise.
Savannahs worst nightmare becomes true when she finds out she is pregnant, only 17 years old.
Chris hates Taylan from the very beginning. He loves to ride bulls and party as often as he can. He faces a difficult choice when his girlfriend reveals her secret. Will he make the right decision?

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