söndag 28 oktober 2012

Crime writer - Camilla Läckberg

Crime novels have never been my cup of tea. But I have come to like the author Camilla Läckberg.

She is the most famous crime writer in Sweden. I have admire her since I saw her dancing in the tv show "Let´s dance". I also saw her in the Swedish version of "Who do you think you are" when she searched for her roots. All of her novels takes place in the little town of Fjällbacka.

The reason I now bought two of her novels is because I  happend to watch one of the best food shows ever. The food show is called "Nyalandgång" and they were making food for the cast and actors of the movies based on Camillas novels. Most of the preparing for the foods took place at Valö boarding house located outside Fjällbacka. Thats when I leard that the Boarding house place a part and is on the cover of her book Änglamakerskan. I also bought Tyskungen  I thought both of the novels sounded intresting and im looking forward for the movies based on her novels very much.

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