torsdag 25 oktober 2012

I will be the next author of Swedish Romance! Remember that!

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In the latest issue of my favorite newspaper SKRIVA! It´s finally being talked about. ROMANCE it´s finally here!

Thats what im writing about! Thats my genere and now im feeling more confident that ever that what im doing is in the right time and place.

Sweden have got it´s 1st Romance writer, her name is Simona Arhnstedt. Okay so she´s first up. Im bowing to the queen.

But I bet I´ll be the second queen of Swedish Romance. But I am more inspired by American Authors and all my novels are set in the land of dreams and oportunites USA. I have been writing THAT since 2001...Im not planning to stop until my dream is fullfilled.

Im more cowboy chasing, line dancing, rodeo action, bullriding, small town lovin´, wide open spaces, and endless love, happy ending - kind of author. That´s ALWAYS listening to country music 24/7.

For me when I hear the word ROMANCE I think of NORA ROBERTS, Anne McAllister, Diane Palmer and all of them. They are my role models and inspiration.    

Im only on page 23 in the newspaper, but im so exited i can´t turn another page before I write this entry. One thing I don´t have understand is why we in Sweden say Romance and not use the swedish word romantik for that kind of novels? Well don´t get me wrong I love the english word much better!

Im wondering if  Swedish Romance have to be set in Sweden to even be counting as SR? Or is it god enough im Swedish aspiring author?  

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