tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Top of the mountain!

Yes! Im finally there. The middle. Im on the top and looking down.
This is thanks to a new strategy/ writing tips im trying. I found it on this site. It´s very helpful fro aspiring writers, I tell ya that. First Draft Secrets: Five Simple Steps. 

Im talking of my romance novel THE TRUTH ABOUT JONAH. I now need some more hours of working frequently and hopfullyI might be done with my first draft this month. I know it´s still along way until it´s clearly done but Im going to fill all the gaps and all the ? along the way.

According to my word document Im exactly at page 50. According to Nanowrimo word meter I have a little bit left.

22406 / 50000

Then comes the rereading, correcting, adding, rewriting and so on. But I wish luck is with me aswell as endless inspiration.   
 * pic not mine. Found on google

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