torsdag 29 november 2012

Day 29 - Ferris wheel

In near the end now! NaNo almost over, im trying to make the best of it. 
When I got home I amde a fast out line of my future scenes for my novel. I saw them flash befor my eyes like a movie on my way home from work. I was suposed to quit early today but I probably can tomorrow. And then i´ll be writing since i count down the hours for the validating.

My goal im ten pages away from half way to the goal and I hope to achive that.  So I hope to write some pages today.

Im so caught uo writing I barley get time to eat. haha! Dont´worry im doing fine. I usally take a nap when I comes home from work but I can´t cause I will not miss the preciouse time and second I can do by writing some words on a page! Nanowrimo is taken over my life! I so going to miss this after this month.

I have been researching Carnivales, I found a great article about wave machines and learned some surf slang! I reseach on the go and it´s really helpful and get the imagination sparkling!

Firecrackers and Ferris wheels is a song by Blue County that came to mind just as I wrote the carnival scen.

Day 28 - The Pain of writing!


I have realized that writing everyday takes it´s toll on my body. I have muscle pains in my legs as if I have had been running a marathon and pain in my right shoulder.

Im going to take care of myself with a nice hot shower and then write some more. I hope I reaches atleast 50K. Thats my goal of Nanowrimo this year. It´s so much better than last year.

Last night I lay inbed thinking of my next move in my novel I think and hope my charachters will lead the way and I am really optimistic of it.

I have also redecorated my writing corner. It´s not often Im sitting there. Why do that when the sofa is so soft and comfy. But it´s not good for my body, so I put toghether my old desk that match my new one. But now I can sit down and write or stand up so I can change my posture between writing.

My dad thought I should by a desk you can move up and down so it´s changeble all in now Im going to check out some  desks at Ikea and save up for a good table. Because I am serious of becoming a writer.

Soo how about let´s get some writing done now. And tomorrow I quit work a bit earlier so it gives my more time to write :) hihi.

tisdag 27 november 2012

Day 27 - 40%

After I cleaned my apartment abit I have just made me a can of hot fresh coffee. Im sitting at my computer about to write some more words. Time: 20:30....Inspiration please come my way...
*Country music loud in my headphones and here we go!*
I have been doing some reseach about pregnancy because one of my characters are in her second trimester and I found two very helpul liks to give me more under standing about this wonderful transformation. On friday perhaps im going to make a schedule following all her stages so I can get it all clearer and know what to expect.
Stopped writing at 00.11. Wow thats many hours writing!
Here are today´s result.
Tomorrow more writing. perhaps my motto now are No writing, No Novel. How about that!
I love Nanowrimo!
Im sad is soon to be over :(
I going to try to make the whole SC writing soundtrack perhaps to le grande final. Perhaps I have finnished collecting all my inspiring songs sometime between Friday/Saturday.

söndag 25 november 2012

Day 25 - Lazy Sunday :(

I don´t like Sundays. And I don´t like this time of year when the dark comes earlylike around 15:00. And it´s so depressing because you think it´s evening or night but it in fact just are afternoon.

So I started  of the day with checking some updates, mail and the news.
Then did a bit of research about, dirt bikes and a litle bit more.

Some night´s ago when i couldn´t sleep, because I had my story in my head and saw scenes flash before my eyes I thought about something.  I thought I should write a new beginning because I read somewhere that you should start in the middle.

I have mostly been lazy today. not much of writing. I feel bad for that. But I have been scribbling down some notes on my novel. Im doing some more of my research while i try to figure out one of my character. I been doings some reserach about self harm and preformance anxiety.

She seemes to be perfect in others eyes. Popular, beautiful and charming. But behind her sunshine smile she fights her own deamons.

 Tomorrow I hope I have it all figured out. Now I going to read trough my notes and go to bed, it´s getting late.

torsdag 22 november 2012

Day 22 - Written in the stars!

Writting time today - 19 - 00.30 (morning 23rd)

I start my "writing work" with ca 1 hour research. Then I´ll try to write on my novel for the next hours to like 23.30 I hope. Thats at least some hours and a few short breaks :) I´ll try to write more this weekend as I have no day work.

I think I have mention before about starsigns. I think it fun to explore different starsigns and the charachter traits for each of them for my own characters. It´s makes me get closer to my own characters aswell. All my reserach comes from these awesome sites 1, 2, 3, , 5 and one more awesome site 6

So for my novel I have study the trait´s of some of them that fits my characters best...

Aries - Confident, fiery, bold, spontaneous and independent.
Taurus -  Sexy, funny and down to earth. With a strong sense of honor and integrity. Practical and stable, he has an above average level of common sense. He values tradition, loyalty and stability, and as a result can be highly sentimental and emotional over loved ones .
Sagittarius - Adventurous sociable and friendly, they are typically determined to live life to the fullest, amongst other things often making them physical and athletic.
Libra - Classy, sociable and passionate.One common quirk of Libra women is that of getting depressed easily.
LeoOn the surface Leos are one of the most confident and aggressive signs. Fearless, charismatic and powerful. Although often appearing supremely confident on the outside, most Leos are inwardly sensitive and their feelings are easily hurt. In all things they need to feel appreciated and needed, especially by loved ones.
Cancer Cancer is one of the hardest signs to understand due to having many contradictions. Cancer people tend to be unpredictable, fragile and complex. (this one of my charachters sign I haven´t decided yet perhaps she´s this sign or a Capricorn, difficult choice)

I myself are a typical Pisces. Highly empathetic and intuitive they can often read people on a level that appears almost psychic. Very empathetic they react strongly to the moods of others.

I took a micro pause and saw one hilsarious NaNoVideo. I think I love them I have to watch them all, now:) or later.

Almost 30 pages. Only a half page before I have 30 pages and im sooo exited! Im making progress I tell ya!

After my little research I contuinued writing. I try to understand one och my characters. I haven´t gotten to know her that much yet but she is my main characters love intrest, she´s got two brothers and a tomboy wild child. Maybe I can figure her out during as time goes by.

And as much as i want to continue writting now I must stop. I need my sleep and Im going up early tomorrow. And as i have leard always stop when it´s as most exited then the chance are that it´s easier to write the next day. Well I don´t stop in the middle of a scen, by anyways. It´s gonna be exiting where it leads.


tisdag 20 november 2012

Day 20 - Tomorrow!

(May contain some wierd spellings because of exhaustion and tiredness) # NaNoWriMo here we go!

One thing I have learned is that First draft dosen´t have to be perfect. Just write it!!! I have bad feelings of agnst if I delete a word a two. But I just keep writing. My goal is to atleas get half way thou Nanowrimo...

I have funny and great radio station that let me mix different genres of mucic.  It could bee good to get a new wave of inspiration.

Question? Is it normal to go around work and just thinking of your novel? I thought of mine today. I saw a good scen infront of my head today. I thought to myself. Knock it off! Write it down and consentrate on work! haha!

 And just like that I let my characthers write what ever need to be written and I just follow....Love when that happes :) Fire and gasoline, baby - go Chris Young for getting me in the right mood for that scen!

  you know it´s that scen when everythis going just great and you can´t remeber thayt darn word in english or swedish and it really kills the mood a bit. Been listening to Chris Young - Tomorrow like non stop. It brings out the best in me and not so that good in my character - speaking reflections of the happening/conflict....

I have no mercy. I just Write,Write,Write! I don´´t care on corecct grammar on Swedish or English + I so mix them up when ever I need to....

14444..must me magic number?? so, far so good?! :) oh I think I have dragged my characters problem ouuut but that´s probably good. reasaon is im looking or writing it like a movie scen somehow. I try to take it all in with flashbac and it  was not what I expected.

I had fun writing. My side Characters you can say, really spoke to me and it was like I was a part of then as I told their story/problem that is part of the big story.  So I glat to know them some more too.

Never got to the part I was expecting to by hopfully tomorrow. Going to bed now. It´s 01.21 now. I have now and need to sleep. some wise person said quit in the middle then you have it easier to write one the next day...Im trying that advice.... 

söndag 18 november 2012

No writing,No novel

Sitting here in the dark with a hot cup of tea....
I just can´t let go of my novel. Im like obsessed to write. But It´s just so typical that the greatest inspiration are coming every Sunday! I mean why could it not have been coming Friday night and Saturday too?! Atleast then I can write without care about the time at all. Now I have to keep track of time so I get some hours of sleep.

Why can´t I just freeze time?!

Oh well Going to try to write some more! The perhaps read a bit and then try to sleep.

And another thing. Everyting I try to close my eye to go to sleep all I can see is my characters as if it´s a movie and then I get some great idea and have to turn on the light to fast scribbbloe it down. It´s good but not when it´s like 3am!

Day 18 - Inspiration & writers block!

I have written many pages today on my Young Adult novel SURFING COWBOYS for Nanowrimo, but now I have a minor writers block. I know whats going to happaned and all but I don´t know whats going to happen after the scen I just have written. Thats the problem. Maybe I should just leave it blank for the moment and continue the next scen.Or check my notes and try to see if I can find something useful and go on from there.  
Besides country music as inspiration I also watch the canadian TV show Heartland. It´s based on Lauren Brookes Young Adult novels. I have never read any of her books but as for the Tv show I just have to say I LOVE IT!
File:Heartland logo.JPG
pic from wikipedia
Watching Heartland gives me great inspiration, mostly the parts of cowboys and rodeo stuff. Another TV show that inspires me are Summerland and that´s mostly the surfing stuff. And for my novel I try to combine the both sports of rodeo and surfing.
What makes you inspired? Movies, Tv Shows, music or all the three things?   

lördag 17 november 2012

Books for inspiration and daydreaming

Happy Readings, Y´all!
I order some books last weeks and they have finally came home. I´ll give a rewieve after I read them.
1 Helena By Josepine Angelini
2 Warrior Enchanted By Addison Fox
3 A chance in the night By Kimberly Van Meter

And of course since it´s NaNoWriMo Month and all I decisded to by another inspiring writing book. Can´t have to many of them. I think I have like 5, most of them are how to write romance.

måndag 12 november 2012

5 Word Count Strategies for NaNoWriMo´s

I want to share a wonderful website tips to you all. Just some days before NaNoWrMo begun or somewere around the time it had started I happed to stumble over one of the best site ever.  It´s called -  NaNoWriMo Math - 5 Word Count Strategies to Hit 50,000 The five strategies I wrote in this entry comes from that site, if you wanna read more go to the link above. I really recomend it.

Here are the 5 word count strategies. I think are so inspiring to watch.  I think im the (steady and strong and strategi kind of type)

Steady and Strong
Every day for 30 days: 1667 words per day = 5 ½ pages per day
Keep the Sabbath
A day of rest once a week: 2000 words per day = 7 pages per day
Whirlwind weekends: 3,000 words per day = 10 pages per day
Easy weekdays: 1,000 words per day = 3 ½ pages per day
Part Timer
Write 4 days of the week: 2,500 words per day = 8 pages per day
Write 3 days of the week: 3,333 words per day = 11 pages per day
Weekend Warrior
Since we can't all quit our jobs for November: 5,000 words per day = 16 ½ pages per day
Fifty thousand words in 30 days is a tall order, but making daily word count goals can help you walk away a winner.

I really thought it was very helpful strategies. and I will try my best use some of there strategies even after November. It´s truly inspiring.  

Day 12 - Making progress

This is what my month is looking like. I started writing at 20.00 - 00:22. (almost five hours non stop)Now thats´ good. But when it goes good it´s REALLY good writing. Im at page 15 and all my characters are getting to now eachother and this are about to get a little bit tougher! Secrets comes to life, confrontations, broken hearts, angst, missunderstandings, drama and romance.
My novel - To describe it short in terms.
Summerland meets Heartland.
Surfing vs Rodeo
City people and Country people.
I love how my characters comes to life right before my eyes and they more I get to know them the more surpriced I get.

onsdag 7 november 2012

Day 7 - Sleep & small steps

I just was soo tired today that I sleept for four hours. Now im feeling bad for being behind on my writing. But I know as soon as I have straighten out some knots in my plot I´ll be right on trac. I mean I know what is going to happen and all. I can see it infront of me.
I so going to write till my fingers bleed on friday. I want and gonna try to catch up all lost words I have been missing.
So I just need to write down  a couple short scenes and then im back on track again.

tisdag 6 november 2012

Day 6 - Took the day off!

Im sorry. But I realized  a thing this morning. That go to bed at like 2am and work 8 hours = Not good.

 Well i´ve done some plotting on my novel. + other important things, but I feel bad for all the hours I missed writing.. I tell ya Nano is like a drug, im thinking of it all day long.. (like when im getting home then im going to write this and that).

Im at that point Im listening to my newfound playlist on repeat. And all my feelings and mind just overflows because I get so inspired  that I want to write and i know I cant´stop if I beginng. But I´ll HOPE to catch up tomorrow or else i´ll write dubble more pages this weekend. I need to catch up.

My goal is not to win, if I get half way trough it im happy as can be. I love nano month. :)  

måndag 5 november 2012

Day 5 part two - Can´t belive...

Just how close I am to achive todays writing goal, if I only had more time.
Or if I had the ability to stop time. I have been writing almost nonstop like i always do. First i work my regular 9-5 job and then get home. I do quick checkups to keep me update like read the newspapper or make some coffee or so. Then around 18-23.50 I try to write all I can. But it´s still not enough. But Im SO close and thats great.
I have to take some rest now,and get some sleep. Tomorrow is a brand new day! with more wonderfull writing.
Nite all Nanowriters!

Day 5 - Letting my characters lead the way!

What a turning point I tell ya!
Just when I thought I was going to get stuck something happend. My characters just became alive and now I got to write something I never thought I would write. It´s like they taking over and I just write what I see and whats comes up in my mind. It´s like watching a move and my finger are dancing all over the keyboad. I like what that happens. I thought I was stuck but oh no! It´s going to be intresitng were this going to end and if there are any other fun things happening that I don´t know about.
Must say I  have some really good country music playing in my headphones that gives me inspiration like never before. At this moment the sountrack for this novel just keeps on growing. I decided to listen to some new country stars and I love them! Brantley Gilbert and Hunter Hayes are awesome. They are mostly my newest inspiration but Lady A are also great influence while writing and darling Luke Bryan. I want to share one of my newest favorite artist. He totally rocks and I can play his songs on repeat many times. Never get tired of Gilberts songs. He reminds me very much of Jason Aldean.
I´ll try to write a little about my soundrack for writing my novel sometime in the future. But until then enjoy this song.
P.S - It´s the first time ever watching this MV for me. I bet it´s awesome!

söndag 4 november 2012

Day 4 - Me against the clock!


Im sooo behind of my novel! :(
I feel so stressed.
The clock just ticking and all I think is how many words I have to write.
So since im so much behind on my writing I have been writing for several hours now. My plan is to write from 18.00- 00.00 ca. In now my mouse died so I have to buy more batteries.