måndag 12 november 2012

5 Word Count Strategies for NaNoWriMo´s

I want to share a wonderful website tips to you all. Just some days before NaNoWrMo begun or somewere around the time it had started I happed to stumble over one of the best site ever.  It´s called -  NaNoWriMo Math - 5 Word Count Strategies to Hit 50,000 The five strategies I wrote in this entry comes from that site, if you wanna read more go to the link above. I really recomend it.

Here are the 5 word count strategies. I think are so inspiring to watch.  I think im the (steady and strong and strategi kind of type)

Steady and Strong
Every day for 30 days: 1667 words per day = 5 ½ pages per day
Keep the Sabbath
A day of rest once a week: 2000 words per day = 7 pages per day
Whirlwind weekends: 3,000 words per day = 10 pages per day
Easy weekdays: 1,000 words per day = 3 ½ pages per day
Part Timer
Write 4 days of the week: 2,500 words per day = 8 pages per day
Write 3 days of the week: 3,333 words per day = 11 pages per day
Weekend Warrior
Since we can't all quit our jobs for November: 5,000 words per day = 16 ½ pages per day
Fifty thousand words in 30 days is a tall order, but making daily word count goals can help you walk away a winner.

I really thought it was very helpful strategies. and I will try my best use some of there strategies even after November. It´s truly inspiring.  

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