söndag 18 november 2012

Day 18 - Inspiration & writers block!

I have written many pages today on my Young Adult novel SURFING COWBOYS for Nanowrimo, but now I have a minor writers block. I know whats going to happaned and all but I don´t know whats going to happen after the scen I just have written. Thats the problem. Maybe I should just leave it blank for the moment and continue the next scen.Or check my notes and try to see if I can find something useful and go on from there.  
Besides country music as inspiration I also watch the canadian TV show Heartland. It´s based on Lauren Brookes Young Adult novels. I have never read any of her books but as for the Tv show I just have to say I LOVE IT!
File:Heartland logo.JPG
pic from wikipedia
Watching Heartland gives me great inspiration, mostly the parts of cowboys and rodeo stuff. Another TV show that inspires me are Summerland and that´s mostly the surfing stuff. And for my novel I try to combine the both sports of rodeo and surfing.
What makes you inspired? Movies, Tv Shows, music or all the three things?   

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