tisdag 20 november 2012

Day 20 - Tomorrow!

(May contain some wierd spellings because of exhaustion and tiredness) # NaNoWriMo here we go!

One thing I have learned is that First draft dosen´t have to be perfect. Just write it!!! I have bad feelings of agnst if I delete a word a two. But I just keep writing. My goal is to atleas get half way thou Nanowrimo...

I have funny and great radio station that let me mix different genres of mucic.  It could bee good to get a new wave of inspiration.

Question? Is it normal to go around work and just thinking of your novel? I thought of mine today. I saw a good scen infront of my head today. I thought to myself. Knock it off! Write it down and consentrate on work! haha!

 And just like that I let my characthers write what ever need to be written and I just follow....Love when that happes :) Fire and gasoline, baby - go Chris Young for getting me in the right mood for that scen!

  you know it´s that scen when everythis going just great and you can´t remeber thayt darn word in english or swedish and it really kills the mood a bit. Been listening to Chris Young - Tomorrow like non stop. It brings out the best in me and not so that good in my character - speaking reflections of the happening/conflict....

I have no mercy. I just Write,Write,Write! I don´´t care on corecct grammar on Swedish or English + I so mix them up when ever I need to....

14444..must me magic number?? so, far so good?! :) oh I think I have dragged my characters problem ouuut but that´s probably good. reasaon is im looking or writing it like a movie scen somehow. I try to take it all in with flashbac and it  was not what I expected.

I had fun writing. My side Characters you can say, really spoke to me and it was like I was a part of then as I told their story/problem that is part of the big story.  So I glat to know them some more too.

Never got to the part I was expecting to by hopfully tomorrow. Going to bed now. It´s 01.21 now. I have now and need to sleep. some wise person said quit in the middle then you have it easier to write one the next day...Im trying that advice.... 

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