söndag 25 november 2012

Day 25 - Lazy Sunday :(

I don´t like Sundays. And I don´t like this time of year when the dark comes earlylike around 15:00. And it´s so depressing because you think it´s evening or night but it in fact just are afternoon.

So I started  of the day with checking some updates, mail and the news.
Then did a bit of research about, dirt bikes and a litle bit more.

Some night´s ago when i couldn´t sleep, because I had my story in my head and saw scenes flash before my eyes I thought about something.  I thought I should write a new beginning because I read somewhere that you should start in the middle.

I have mostly been lazy today. not much of writing. I feel bad for that. But I have been scribbling down some notes on my novel. Im doing some more of my research while i try to figure out one of my character. I been doings some reserach about self harm and preformance anxiety.

She seemes to be perfect in others eyes. Popular, beautiful and charming. But behind her sunshine smile she fights her own deamons.

 Tomorrow I hope I have it all figured out. Now I going to read trough my notes and go to bed, it´s getting late.

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