tisdag 27 november 2012

Day 27 - 40%

After I cleaned my apartment abit I have just made me a can of hot fresh coffee. Im sitting at my computer about to write some more words. Time: 20:30....Inspiration please come my way...
*Country music loud in my headphones and here we go!*
I have been doing some reseach about pregnancy because one of my characters are in her second trimester and I found two very helpul liks to give me more under standing about this wonderful transformation. On friday perhaps im going to make a schedule following all her stages so I can get it all clearer and know what to expect.
Stopped writing at 00.11. Wow thats many hours writing!
Here are today´s result.
Tomorrow more writing. perhaps my motto now are No writing, No Novel. How about that!
I love Nanowrimo!
Im sad is soon to be over :(
I going to try to make the whole SC writing soundtrack perhaps to le grande final. Perhaps I have finnished collecting all my inspiring songs sometime between Friday/Saturday.

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