torsdag 29 november 2012

Day 28 - The Pain of writing!


I have realized that writing everyday takes it´s toll on my body. I have muscle pains in my legs as if I have had been running a marathon and pain in my right shoulder.

Im going to take care of myself with a nice hot shower and then write some more. I hope I reaches atleast 50K. Thats my goal of Nanowrimo this year. It´s so much better than last year.

Last night I lay inbed thinking of my next move in my novel I think and hope my charachters will lead the way and I am really optimistic of it.

I have also redecorated my writing corner. It´s not often Im sitting there. Why do that when the sofa is so soft and comfy. But it´s not good for my body, so I put toghether my old desk that match my new one. But now I can sit down and write or stand up so I can change my posture between writing.

My dad thought I should by a desk you can move up and down so it´s changeble all in now Im going to check out some  desks at Ikea and save up for a good table. Because I am serious of becoming a writer.

Soo how about let´s get some writing done now. And tomorrow I quit work a bit earlier so it gives my more time to write :) hihi.

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