torsdag 29 november 2012

Day 29 - Ferris wheel

In near the end now! NaNo almost over, im trying to make the best of it. 
When I got home I amde a fast out line of my future scenes for my novel. I saw them flash befor my eyes like a movie on my way home from work. I was suposed to quit early today but I probably can tomorrow. And then i´ll be writing since i count down the hours for the validating.

My goal im ten pages away from half way to the goal and I hope to achive that.  So I hope to write some pages today.

Im so caught uo writing I barley get time to eat. haha! Dont´worry im doing fine. I usally take a nap when I comes home from work but I can´t cause I will not miss the preciouse time and second I can do by writing some words on a page! Nanowrimo is taken over my life! I so going to miss this after this month.

I have been researching Carnivales, I found a great article about wave machines and learned some surf slang! I reseach on the go and it´s really helpful and get the imagination sparkling!

Firecrackers and Ferris wheels is a song by Blue County that came to mind just as I wrote the carnival scen.

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