måndag 5 november 2012

Day 5 - Letting my characters lead the way!

What a turning point I tell ya!
Just when I thought I was going to get stuck something happend. My characters just became alive and now I got to write something I never thought I would write. It´s like they taking over and I just write what I see and whats comes up in my mind. It´s like watching a move and my finger are dancing all over the keyboad. I like what that happens. I thought I was stuck but oh no! It´s going to be intresitng were this going to end and if there are any other fun things happening that I don´t know about.
Must say I  have some really good country music playing in my headphones that gives me inspiration like never before. At this moment the sountrack for this novel just keeps on growing. I decided to listen to some new country stars and I love them! Brantley Gilbert and Hunter Hayes are awesome. They are mostly my newest inspiration but Lady A are also great influence while writing and darling Luke Bryan. I want to share one of my newest favorite artist. He totally rocks and I can play his songs on repeat many times. Never get tired of Gilberts songs. He reminds me very much of Jason Aldean.
I´ll try to write a little about my soundrack for writing my novel sometime in the future. But until then enjoy this song.
P.S - It´s the first time ever watching this MV for me. I bet it´s awesome!

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