tisdag 6 november 2012

Day 6 - Took the day off!

Im sorry. But I realized  a thing this morning. That go to bed at like 2am and work 8 hours = Not good.

 Well i´ve done some plotting on my novel. + other important things, but I feel bad for all the hours I missed writing.. I tell ya Nano is like a drug, im thinking of it all day long.. (like when im getting home then im going to write this and that).

Im at that point Im listening to my newfound playlist on repeat. And all my feelings and mind just overflows because I get so inspired  that I want to write and i know I cant´stop if I beginng. But I´ll HOPE to catch up tomorrow or else i´ll write dubble more pages this weekend. I need to catch up.

My goal is not to win, if I get half way trough it im happy as can be. I love nano month. :)  

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