söndag 18 november 2012

No writing,No novel

Sitting here in the dark with a hot cup of tea....
I just can´t let go of my novel. Im like obsessed to write. But It´s just so typical that the greatest inspiration are coming every Sunday! I mean why could it not have been coming Friday night and Saturday too?! Atleast then I can write without care about the time at all. Now I have to keep track of time so I get some hours of sleep.

Why can´t I just freeze time?!

Oh well Going to try to write some more! The perhaps read a bit and then try to sleep.

And another thing. Everyting I try to close my eye to go to sleep all I can see is my characters as if it´s a movie and then I get some great idea and have to turn on the light to fast scribbbloe it down. It´s good but not when it´s like 3am!

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