tisdag 4 december 2012

A picture and two minutes ago...

 That was all it took and just like that I had scribbled down a new novel story. I have so many of them and it keeps getting more and more of them. I have a map full of stories for the future.
I love to visit harlequin. com just to look at the wonderful covers that gives me inspiration and of course read about all the books. But everytime I just take one glance of a cover and just like that I have a story of my of in my head.
It´s just the simplest things. A picture, lyrics from a song or just about anything and I have a brand new story.  
In this case it was this book cover that triggered my inspiration and fantasy...
The Rancher and the Schoolteacher - Judith Bowen
Beautiful cover isn´it? I bet her book is awesome too it´s seems intresting.  

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