måndag 31 december 2012

The Fjällbacka Murders

This is my 100th entry! :)

Some days ago I just had to watch Camilla Läckbergs "Fjällbacka murders" based on her novels. I have some of her novels but never read any of them until after I watch the first movie in the serie. I really thought it was awesome and exiting as i tried to figure out who the murder was. I know she has gotten much critisism about her Tv adaption but I didn´t care. I wanted to make my own opinion. I loved it!. After watching the first movie I know reading her novel "Tyskungen" and I really imagine Erica and Patrick and all the characters after whatching the first movie. I think that camilla writes in a easy language and it´s easy to follow the characters and the plot.

*Sofia Zouagui
*Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum
I like the Character Erica Falck who is played by Claudia Galli Concha. I really think she resembles Camilla Läckberg a little bit. And the actor who played Ericas sister Anna really looked as she could be her little sister. She was my favorite character. All I could think of as I watched the first movie was how she reminded me of Lady Antebellums singer Hillary Scott Tyrell. Thats what I told myself several times during the movie. I think they have similar eyes.

 Well... I am definitely going to watch the other movie too. Camilla Läckberg is without a doubt Swedens Agatha Christie of writing. Crime novels have never been my cup of tea but her I like. And as a writer myself I can´t help but analyzing the plot.
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