söndag 6 januari 2013

Inspiraton Sunday!

So I always wonder why Im so productive on Sunday evenings when I have least of hours to write?

Today I have decided to have one binder for each of my novels in my novel serie The Wedding bet. Because I realized i will have to much reseachpaper and that will be esaseier if I have one binder for each of the 3 novels.

I have also go snowed in by my favorite novel the first in the series KIRBY / MAC. . I want to rewrite the beggining again. I never get satifyed of the beginging. Then I thought noooo! I have to rewrite all of the story, after realized that the scences where all wrong. So I guess I need to get a fresh start with that story and thats gonna take some time.

I feel so frustrated because of that. I have it all in my head but on paper it won´t work. I really know I want to write this story because it is important for me. Also I can´t find any romance novel with that theme im writing about.

that was just some of the thoughts and issues I have today. I know im going to get myself grazy thinking of this novel. But I want to finish is soo bad.

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