tisdag 29 januari 2013

Love of books

is called Bibliophilia. This is the second time im doing some sort of research of phobias. I have a new story that has sparked to life as I already have told you. I think I have had it scribbled down somewhere. But I got the inspiration from an article I read online. It was about a woman who stole books and was going to sell them online. As I read that article I got a new story.
I was just going to take a nap before and I just couldn´t stop thinking of that novel of mine and I think the beginnig is starting coming to life. I just need to get to know my characters better and plan and most of all wriiiitee!
This is a very inspiring picture I found on google. All rights goes to the owner.

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  1. Intressant, det är alltid kul när en ny idé föds. Ps läste inlägget på italienska via translate-funktionen och det översattes riktigt bra. Kanske för att engelska översätter bättre till italienska än svenska, men iaf. :)