lördag 16 mars 2013

Want to have - Booklist

I think i might be a book addict.

I love browse trough eharlequins site among the titles. Sometimes I get ideas for my novels sometimes im like "Hey I could have written that".

Thing is I have expand my Want to have - booklist. It must be at least 20 or more books I want. I do my research before I order just to be certain if I like them. I mean i can fall in love with the blurb on the back on the book and then order and then reallize it wasn´t such awesome. So thats why i carfully choose my books.

Often I like the book or it´s inspiring and close to what Im current writing. So I get more inspired.

Fact is I need a bigger bookshelf also i can tell you I have boxes and boxes of books I never read but can´t get ridd of somehow.

Pic is not mine. All right goes to the owner.

Nora Roberts – Charmed/ Kärlekens kraft

Eloisa James – The ugly duchess

Helene R Meyer – A holiday to remember

Stephanie Doyle – One Final Step

Leanne Banks – A Maverick for the Holidays

Anna Sheehan – A long, long Sleep

Maureen McGowan – Cinderella: Ninja Warrior

Tamara Webber – Between the lines

Kimberly Lewis – Zane

Terri Reed – The cowboy target

Leigh Duncan – The Rancher´s son

Julie Benson – The rancher and the vet

Mary Leo – Falling for the Cowboy

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