fredag 28 juni 2013

"I feel just like a princess in a fairytale"

None of the pictures are mine I found them on Google. I only use them for my writing inspiration.

That's the first words my character writes down on a post card to her friend back I USA. She had traveled to Scotland to maybe meet her prince charming only to realize he was a rude, arrogant cold man who made it hard for her to complete her dream job of making his castle into a have for orphan and abused kids.

 I am surprised myself to be up quite early this wonderful Friday because I woke up at 10 am. My night was full with inspiration and fun that I just couldn't stop write when I got that pen in my hand. I made short Bios of my main characters, made a short synopsis, looked for fitting names, read a bit for inspiration and just got completely absorbed in my work that a kept going all night long and suddenly it was starting to get brighter. I took a quick glimpse at the clock only to realize it was 5 am!

I hope my inspiration is still with be today also. I´ll be writing on some scenes for Surfing Cowboys, Hard to say I love you and hopefully more on my small currently WIP that I for the moment call Kids & Castle.

Yesterday I also updated my soundtrack list and I´ll soon be up with the soundtrack for Surfing Cowboys too :)

måndag 3 juni 2013

Beautiful Mess - Juggling 9 WIPs at once

Hello :)
so I'm sitting here sorting out all my papers for two of my novels.
Is it okay to have like three different notebooks with mixed scenes for all my BIG novels. They contain  like 10 different novels scenes. So now I really need to sort out all these papers and put them and the scenes into each binder. 
example: MBL - all, notes, bios, scenes, research and so on. Yeah that really make sense, now isn´t. And then I will have just ONE notebook to write all the scenes in wherever I don´t feel like writing on the computer. Now all I have to do is to repeat that with all the other novels.   
BIG novels that Im currently writing on - are my Main Projects - They are 5 different novel/books/ WIPs
SMALLWIP projects - are 4 different novels that I "feel for"   
All together is 9 and a half novels.
And by the way I am addicted to Tumblr. I can get lost there for hours and find all kinds of inspiration for my novels...