fredag 28 juni 2013

"I feel just like a princess in a fairytale"

None of the pictures are mine I found them on Google. I only use them for my writing inspiration.

That's the first words my character writes down on a post card to her friend back I USA. She had traveled to Scotland to maybe meet her prince charming only to realize he was a rude, arrogant cold man who made it hard for her to complete her dream job of making his castle into a have for orphan and abused kids.

 I am surprised myself to be up quite early this wonderful Friday because I woke up at 10 am. My night was full with inspiration and fun that I just couldn't stop write when I got that pen in my hand. I made short Bios of my main characters, made a short synopsis, looked for fitting names, read a bit for inspiration and just got completely absorbed in my work that a kept going all night long and suddenly it was starting to get brighter. I took a quick glimpse at the clock only to realize it was 5 am!

I hope my inspiration is still with be today also. I´ll be writing on some scenes for Surfing Cowboys, Hard to say I love you and hopefully more on my small currently WIP that I for the moment call Kids & Castle.

Yesterday I also updated my soundtrack list and I´ll soon be up with the soundtrack for Surfing Cowboys too :)

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