onsdag 3 juli 2013

Ronan Keating inspiration - DAY 3 of Camp NanoWrimo

picture from google
fun fun in the sun.
I read on of the threads that someone wondered if camp nano would become "real" that would be soo cool like thousands of aspiring writers meet and cheer for each others as we writing on our novel for one month.
Well now to my Inspiration. I may be a country music lover by heart and soul but for my JULY 2013 project FOREVER IN MY HEART I need something more. So I thought hey I´ll listen to Ronan Keating, maybe little Marx and other artists that my character listens to. I know Tristan is a fan of The Boss and for Mika I don´t know.
So I really hope listening to various artists will help me find inspiration.
Also sometimes others artists cover are better than the originals....  

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