tisdag 16 juli 2013

The wonders of watching a novel grow before my eyes

borrowed from tumblr. Not mine.

So I changed place to write.
For new scenery and hopefully new inspiration.
YES it did work.

So I have technically NOT been writing that much on my Camp Nanowrimo novel But I have a great beginning on it. But I have realized I have to plan it out more. 

Now I'm re writing the notes for my newest addition baby. My project is called KIDS & CASTEL. I have to say I really enjoy watching it becomes clearer and for each sentence I get one more seed or scene of what's going to happen. I can see my character more clearly. 

I have about  2 chapters that I can write but I want to have so I really can plan and actually finish this novel as do I the same with my other WIP´s

MBL and SC: Those are the longest running projects I have gotten like 50% into the story now I only need those 50% more and I'm finished.


Now I'm going to continue writing and plotting and get to know my newfound friends. I´ll keep Y´all Updated!

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