fredag 9 augusti 2013

And the dating...

Love is in the air....
Well at least for my characters.
I have been writing on SURFING COWBOYS for the last two weeks and I can with out a doubt now say I'm halfway trough the book. YAY! It´s much about the dating scene now. I have been doing a lot of research about Sagittarius/ Aries dating and such because to get inspiration as well as get to know my "rebel" couple of the teens.
I have to say im making some real progress but It has been tough times as well cause I suffered from writers block. I really thought I was going to take a break from it and continue my other novel but didn´t. im going to keep writing.
right now im writing by hand my new favorite pen! oh how I love it. it´s so smooth and I can write fast and I can even read my handwriting, ha-ha.
I have to say that is my strongest female character han´t been a long haired brunette with a thick souther accent  & with a tendency of  the need for speed - like going dirt biking, shooting some paint ball or even ride a wide bull and having a good time. 

She´d probably look something like Miley Cyrus. I checked what star sign she was and she reminds me  a lot of Gina Lee. Miley is a Sagittarius but GL is an Aries. But both signs have similar traits. So you could say I'm all about for Astrology lately. And I love it.
so....50 pages and more to go.....!
Wish me luck for like at least five more pages tonight!
pic not mine.
I just have to say Miley looks so cool and pretty on this pic. It´s almost like she would be the perfect actress if my story would be made into a movie. She´s got the looks, the awesome accent and that girl has energy and she sure can talk. and her haircut really suites her.  So yeah I like her and her new song We can´t stop is awesome!

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