måndag 30 september 2013

Hedlund Hero inspiration

So im writing on my novel TRUTH ABOUT JONAH. I have been plotting and tried to structured up the story a bit. Then I have thrown away like a billion papers I now have saved in a document.

Then I discovered my inspiration man for my hero Jonah Lones. Now since my story takes place in Minnesota what´s better than a handsome guy from just Minnesota. Since my Timberlake is a little small town with many people of Swedish heritage that I also write about one day he just fell right into place.

Now Garrett Hedlund is from Minnesota, is of Swedish heritage and is an absolutely wonderful actor. He´s got that sexy husky voice (check the video), he can sing and he seems like a totally awesome good hearted, friendly funny guy, oh I forget that smile....OMG. Can´t say no to that.

 I got really weak in the knees when I watched this video for the first time. I recommend to watch him in Country Strong  along side his buddy country singer Tim McGraw. Or watch the two of them in Friday Night Lights movie


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