måndag 16 september 2013

Multitasking & Brainstorming a bit.

Good Evening!
Monday, first day in the week just got home. Check!
Dished the boring pile of dishes. Check!
I started by cleaning up a bit in my writing space and this is the result. One of the papers on the whiteboard will be my project during Nanowrimo in November. Just figure out which one... But I need get to learn the characters, do some heavy research, plotting and more before I can decide.
Multitasking of five stories at once.
Actually it´s quiet easy.
On each paper I wrote research and then what novel. The under I wrote things I need to know for that novel  like beauty pageants for children, falconry, surfing and such. I also need to structure up my novel MBL so then I decided to re read all chapters I´ve got and come up with a title and so on.
Im currently writing on chapter 7 on Surfing Cowboys but also translating it to English and editing and make it perfect so I can put it up on wattpad.
Yeah well has been a fun and productive evening and now I really have to trying to calm down so I can get some sleep. But I want to keep writing because it´s so fun.  
But just some more research and a bit of reading....

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