onsdag 30 oktober 2013

Fighting for attention!

As Nanowrimo writing month is getting closer and closer it almost stared as a disaster.
Today when I got home my Internet server was down and so for the whole town. NO! I thought what am I going to do? How am I going to update my word account and so on. The rumor was it would take long as November 8th till it was going to be back to normal again. But That god it only took like 20 minutes and everything is now working fine.
My Nanowrimo contribution this year 2013 fell on HARD TO SAY I LOVE YOU my personal favorite story that I really want to finish. I also choose that one because I know the characters well and I have most information and research about that novel. Cant wait for Friday to come so I can begin my novel from scratch.
At the same time there are another novel fighting for my attention. I don´t know why my it´s like the characters in it wants me to tell that story to. That's why I have decided to cross write it during times when I take a break or so or if god forbid having writers block... That novel is called SOUTHERN STAR.
I will keep Y´all update on both of them.  

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