lördag 23 november 2013

Just sayin Nora Roberts!

Nora Roberts IS the Queen of romance, now that's for sure.

Many years ago was my family and I invited to dinner at some friends. Now im a person that easy get distracted by something to read so I searched the bookstands in the house. The daughter of the family had some books I remember. Then I happen to find the book that would change my life.  It was Nora Roberts Montana Sky.  It was the best and first novel I read by her, thanks to her im a hard core romance novels fans.
 Im a Bookoholic.
Nora Roberts is the reason I got snowed into Romance Novels, writing and dreaming of became an author.

THE MACKADE SERIES (Rafe, Jared, Devin, Shane )
As we speak I have three different version of her serie The MacKade Brothers . (I´ll update it soon with pictures) I have the English version, and two Swedish versions of the same four novels. Why? because I can´t resist buying them and + I soo love that serie.  I would love if it could be made into movies some day. Even thou, Montana Sky is my favorite the movie was a disappointment the star of that movie was Nathaniel Arcand that played Adam Wolfchild. Speaking of that novel I´ve got two version of that one too. The Swedish and English version.  

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