måndag 9 december 2013

The short stories first!?

Hey, Ya'll
So today while I was browsing trough my saved pictures and WIP documents. I found that I have many "short stories". I just last week I read the news paper I just like that I got two more inspiring stories. I really want to write them so I have it done.  Is about... 9 Short Stories (that may become novels)
Accidental Role model
Book of Love
Diamond´s & Spurs
From Texas to Cheyenne
His Better Half
Wanna Make U smile
The Vet´s Daughter
Written in the Stars

So here are my new Schedule...From December 9th
Weekdays - WIP -Short stories I have passion and burn for) to write.
Weekends - Friday - Sundays - My Very Important Novels aka Big Novels. (MBL, KM, SC, among others)

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