torsdag 13 mars 2014

Writing Problem #169

When you’ve outlined an entire novel, but you can’t even write the opening line.


This is how I have been feeling for the past two weeks. I have narrowed my current Writing novels as many as 2. It´s now SOUTHERN STAR im currently working on. I have plotted out like 3 chapters but haven´t written a single Word. I have done some research on my main character and decided her name finally. So now im tying to figure out what star sign she is and more info. But  really need is to just star Writing and everything will come to it´s Place.
Second novel are my beloved SURFING COWBOYS. I Think I finally can move on and continue Writing on chapter 7 I have been struggling on for months. 
Also have a back up novel I want to continue KIRBY/MAC story. It´s also plotted out I just have to crank up some country Music and put my but into the chair and WRITE it.   
Hi, sorry for the long update. I´ll try to be better at it.
So it´s a new month, new challanges. 
The Olympics are over.  It was actually fun even thou i didn´t have a interest in it, in the end I was quite a nerd. I mean it was everywhere! Also listen to it at work. My favorite was the men´s skating and when Japan took gold and Hanyu I Think is name was awesome. Also the Hockey final between Canada & Sweden. 
I was so inspired and it the mood I bought a new Romance suspense Novel about Areal Ski Jumping by Terri Reed called TREACHEROUS SLOPES, cause it sounded interesting.    

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