söndag 27 juli 2014

On the Island - Tracey Garvis Graves

A book so hard to put away...I really never want it to end. I have been obessesd by castaway movies stories and everything that has to do with it. I even checked on travels to the Maldives! It´s the best books I have ever read! Here are Tracy talking a bit about On the Island....

söndag 20 juli 2014

On the Island

Just want to recomend this book for all my readers ON THE ISLAND by Tracey Garvis Graves. I really hope you´ll enjoy This booktrailer of it. And as I write this sentence im currently reaading this book im exaxtly at page 45. I just can´t put it down :)

måndag 14 juli 2014

Can´t decide which one to write so I multitasking

Every dang time!

As much as I LOVE Camp NaNoWriMo JULY I Always have the same problem for the last two weeks. I start with a novel but always ends up Writing on other novel Projects.

I was going to continue Writing on SURFING COWBOYS (which I do)
But...Now im  ALSO Writing, doing research, and plotting other wips like SOUTHERN STAR, WANNA SEE YOU SMILE & Tristan O Mikas story....So it´s fun and nervwrecking working on four different stories.