fredag 15 augusti 2014

Erina´s Song

So im currently writing and plotting on my novel SURFING COWBOYS. I´ve done research on pregnancy, bullriding and Surfing. But now let me tell you someting scary or amazing.

A cople of weeks ago when I was on a Zumba class in town I heard this amazing song by Colbie Calliat that just blew me away. Y´all  probably know or heard about it. That night I search the web couldn´t find it. But my kind Zumba instrucor sent a link on the video. It was like every word she sang was about that girl a imagine my character is like. It was so hard consentrate on the dance steps caus of the picture i got in my head. I just wanted home to write it down.

That song Im talking about is called TRY. And is so tells my main characters sister ERINA´s Story a 100% it´s scary. That´s ne of my main theme and the thing she struggles with - on how to be herself. I just saw the music video and I was just about to cry. So this is one song I´ll add to my soundtrack list for my novel SURFING COWBOYS.

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