fredag 28 november 2014

Friday Fun Day!

Hey Ya´ll 

Happy Thanksgiving (some day late) and happy Black Friday!
Im just chili´it with my best friends...haha or traveling to far and exotic places. 
Just reading finding inspiration and trying to plot SOUTHERN STAR while writing on SURFING COWBOYS. So yesterday inspiration came to me. Have you ever been in that moment when your character just tells you more and more about themselves and their past and they just want you to write that down?! This happen to me and i love it! 

onsdag 5 november 2014

Nanowrimo Day 4-5!

I have written 14 pages in like 4 days. Great!  
Still don´t know how the winners do it! 
Do they ever work? Or are they like really super fast typers? 
How can like write that 1,667 words per day?
I´m struggling. realizng I should have been more prepared. 
From now on I will alzay do double summary outlines, like a Beginning Middle End summary & a Chapter by chapter summary so I don´t get stuck so a just can keep writing. 

My Novel in writing this year is called SOUTHERN STAR. I can also say they soundtrack for it are growing. 

Must.Keep. Writing....It´s very obsessive.  

I are you doing this year in Nanowrimo. Are you on schedule or falling behind?